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2016 Bandsman of the Year

There were three finalists for Bandsman of the Year before work on the concert music began. After the show, the winner was obvious…..Charlene Redekopp! Charlene had faith in the Irish Sea and orchestrated it into a spellbinding segment of the evening. And there was no tolerance for missing practice! I wanted to do Here I Am Lord, but without Charlene’s ability to transpose the organ score to piano and adjust the key to accommodate Liz, it wouldn’t have been nearly as polished. It was a treat and pleasure to be part of! Charlene is a great band administrator. She gives us all the info we need for events – all you need to do is show the courtesy of a reply!! And if I’m slow getting details to her, she has a very diplomatic way of telling me to get with it! On the practice floor, Charlene can sniff out weakness or sense uncertainty and she’ll bring it up to be fixed (i.e. where the cut-off for Bells of Dunblane should be….it was addressed, practiced and it was clean at the concert – all good). Charlene is thoughtful and patient bringing Mr Swan to Thursday practice – he truly appreciates the kindness! Thank you, Charlene for your contributions and congratulations on being a repeat winner of Bandsman of the Year!!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major