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2012 Bandsman of the Year

The winner of the 2012 Bandsman of the Year is Charlene Redekopp. Charlene was first spotted at a Tim Horton’s on the 417 heading to Pipefest in Ottawa. There she was again outside a pub in Ottawa playing with us...and then she gingerly “felt us out,” avoiding being spotted by the 306! All this happened shortly after the “divorce” and having anyone, much less a talented musician like Charlene want to join us, gave us a real morale boost and made us feel good about ourselves. Charlene became a valuable resource immediately. She is our “go-to” person on timing questions and has created harmony parts for tunes, the infamous triad, and customized Pachelbel’s canon just for us. Besides the musicianship, Charlene is an enthusiastic team player. “Chicklett” has transported people to and from practices and events. God knows ours is a world of outings she’ll experience with no other pipeband! We all know Charlene has two major dislikes: to play in front of judges and to be cold. I think we counted 5 layers of clothing and 4 handwarmers at the last Remembrance Parade! Charlene, we’re so lucky to have you. I hope your stay with us will be long and rewarding and fun...where else could you find a band that can have 5 females in the front row?! I get to pick the Bandsman of the Year, but I know everyone will agree with my choice this year! Congratulations and thank you!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major