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2011 Bandsman of the Year

The 2011 Bandsman of the Year is Dr. Al Walker. Al’s professional pledge “to do no harm” is just what comes naturally to him. He bears malice to no one and is happiest when he can be helping someone, giving them something or partying with them. Besides being kind and gentle and giving, Al is one tough customer. He insisted on getting back on his pipes, in pain, after a nasty drop from an 8 foot ladder, and recently did a Remembrance parade suffering from dry sockets after having a couple of teeth removed. Al’s knowledge of all things Scottish enhanced our trip to Pipefest 2005. He directed us to points of interest such as Stirling Castle, Roslyn Chapel and the Deacon Brodie Pub renowned for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In the car and over “refreshments” at the end of the day, we learned more from him than any travel brochure. Al comes through the door on practice night with a smile on his face and seems to just be happy to play pipes and be with his mates. If a hotdog and fries round out the night….life is good! He loves to play the “pretty” tunes and his musical ear is always helpful with seconds and he is outstanding with triads! Al, I’m so grateful you are with us. We can all take a page from your book on how to treat our fellow man!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major