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2008 Bandsman of the Year

The 2008 Bandsman of the Year Award really is not restricted to this year’s efforts. It is more to recognize a lifetime of playing “our” music and for the giving of her talents to help our band thrive. Cathie Anderson is one of our founding members and I can count on one hand the number of events that she has not been at in the last 15 years. Cathie’s playing ability makes her an anchor in our circle and she’s always there if anyone asks for help. Cathie’s practice time puts some of us to shame. She’s played in some special events, for some big audiences, and for some special people (Ottawa on Canada Day, Quebec Leut Gov General, Regina Heritage Centre, The Big O, the Montreal Forum. to name just a few). But the little gigs in her own Chateauguay Valley or anywhere for friends and family, probably bring her the most pleasure. This year, the whole band wants to recognize Cathie’s enduring contribution in a special way. We are pleased to dedicate the adoption of our new Anderson tartan to her, to show our appreciation for all she’s done for The Elgin and District Pipes and Drums. Thank you, Cathie!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major