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2007 Bandsman of the Year

The 2007 Bandsman of the Year Award goes to Darlene Lochhead. A single mom of 6 and grandmother of 1, her schedule must be mind-boggling! But she makes time to practice and desperately wants to play and to play better. To arrange her life to be able to go to Regina was a daunting task. Several crises at home while we were there kept her cell phone humming. After all this, a sergeant major made her remove some stud earrings before a parade, which she did without as much “feedback” as the rest of us thought appropriate! Darlene is a rookie, without as much experience “on the field” as most of us. But in the deep turf of Regina and the tropical climes at Maxville, in front of thousands of spectators, she carried it off like a pro. Darlene deserves this recognition and our admiration and support. Thank you, Darlene, I appreciate all the effort you’ve made for the band in 2007!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major