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2005 Bandsman of the Year

Up to now the selection process for this prestigious award has taken a pretty light-hearted approach. This year the winner has been chosen for efforts that all of us have benefitted from. The 2005 Bandsman of the Year Award goes to Randy McIntosh. Randy “The Rookie” has created our webpage and posted pictures to it before most of us were even home from the events. He has made copies of photos available, deciphered my cryptic old copies of music into musically correct, easy-to-read works of art. He is religious in attendance, and without his help, the key would probably be permanently lodged in the Legion door!

Randy has thanked Cathie and me for coaching him and patiently helping him put the proper notes on the appropriate foot, relax, and just go with the music. Randy, there is no need to thank us. Having someone as keen to learn and play is reward enough. You’re a lucky guy to come along just as this group is starting to flourish. A nicer, more congenial group of folks is hard to find, especially all wanting to play highland music in this neck of the woods! The pipe band world has been a part of my life, which has given me countless adventures and lasting friendships. I hope it will do the same for you. You too will have your “ride in a canoe.” Thank you, Randy, from all of us!

Wanda Goundrey
Pipe Major